Floral Preservation


Extend the life of blooms from a bouquet or your garden with modern flower pressing

Here is what you will need

  1. Two pieces of wood that are the same size (I use 9×9 inch pine board)
  2. A drill and drill bit that is one size larger than your lug screws
  3. Four lug screws (I use 1/4 inch diameter)
  4. Eight washers (Thin plate with hole)
  5. Four wing nuts
  6. A pencil and measuring tape
  7. Clamps or saw horse to hold your wood in place
  8. Cardboard, a utility knife and paper

Here are the steps

  1. Grab one piece of wood, your pencil and measuring tape. From each corner of the wood measure and mark 1 inch away diagonally on a 45 degree angle (there should be 4 pencil marks)
  2. Clamp both pieces of wood together (ensure wood grooves are travelling in the same direction)
  3. Drill a hole through the pencil markings penetrating both pieces of wood.
  1. Grab your lug screws and four washers
  2. Slide one washer to the base of each lug screw
  3. While your wood is still clamped together, the lug screws into the holes
  4. Remove clamps and carefully flip your boards upside down so the base of your lug screw and washer are sitting on the surface you are using
  1. Get your cardboard, paper, utility knife, pencil and measuring tape.
  2. Cut the cardboard to a size that fits between your lug screws. With 9×9 inch pine board my lug screws measure approximately 8×8 therefore my cardboard should be slightly smaller than that. Cut as many cardboard squares as you want layers in your press
  3. Cut your paper to be the same size as your cardboard. There should be two pieces of paper between each piece of cardboard. The pattern should be 1 cardboard, 2 paper, 1 cardboard, 2 paper etc. you should end with cardboard on top. Your flowers would be inserted between the sheets of paper.
  1. Slide your second piece of wood down on the lug screws so it is sitting on top of the last piece of cardboard
  2. Slide the remaining washers on the lug screws (1 per lug)
  3. Secure and close your press with your wing nuts. One nut per lug screw.

Happy building! If you have any questions leave me a comment or ask via my contact form

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