We preserve your flowers and repurpose them into works of art that add life into your home. Customers that purchase our dried-floral designs trust us to preserve their flowers as well as the memory of the person, place, or time that they symbolize.


Gentle Decay began in 2016, as an expression of art and a desire to convey powerful messages. It has evolved into a unique service that preserves special moments and people so that their stories can be told for years to come through the medium of dried flower art. Checkout our instagram to see past designs. 
Gentle Decay has shown her art at markets across Toronto, facilitated DIY workshops, and preserved beautiful memories from weddings & funerals. Head over to the services page to learn more about our work.


My experience with Gentle Decay was absolutely amazing. Cait picked up my flowers during my wedding reception as organized; she was prompt and professional! The drying and treatment process took a few months, but Cait diligently worked on the project and provided frequent updates.  She was very patient in working with me to ensure the final design would meet my expectations.  The final result was stunning! I highly recommend Gentle Decay to all future brides to preserve a piece of their wedding day forever!

Jennifer, Toronto
Preserving a memory service

On top of being an extremely knowledgeable and skilled creative, Cait puts so much thought, love, and intention into her craft. Working with her to bring a workshop to life was a really beautiful process of diving deep into the meaning behind what we were creating together and the significance of that expression. Everything she does is heart-centred.

Julia, Toronto
Handle with Care Workshop Collaboration

We wanted to preserve our wedding flowers and some amazing memories in one frame and the results were truly breath taking. Our experience was wonderful and I would recommend to everyone!!!!! I want to say so much more. You were so amazing to work with and you do such beautiful work! 

Mary, Toronto
Preserving a memory service