gentle Decay

Gentle Decay was founded on the principle that beauty can be found in death. Death doesn’t have to mean the end of something, it can also signal the beginning: where there is darkness, we find light. Most people buy flowers which serve their purpose for a short period of time, until they are discarded and forgotten. By intervening in this natural process, we can instil new life into (what would otherwise be) a dead product and play with this concept as a metaphor for life. Gentle Decay cherishes all things natural and does not use any additives to aid in the preservation process. Gentle Decay believes in letting all things be exactly as they are and finding beauty in whatever that may be.


Photo by Amber Ellis (Creating Light Studio)


Gentle Decay has been preserving flowers for the last 10 years. Our mementos preserve the memory of a person or a point in time and can be cherished for a lifetime. 

Photo by Amber Ellis (Creating Light Studio)


Practice the 16th century Japanese art form Oshibana and create an illustration using pressed flowers and other natural materials. This practice promotes patience and a deeper connection with nature.


Hi, I'm Cait (She/Her), some call me a flower witch. I refer to myself as a sensitive empath who loves a good hug and deep conversation. Currently I'm interested in...