Flower Preservation

FLOWER preservation

Let me create you a bespoke memento to preserve the memory of your loved one or a special day.

Are you someone who wants to cherish the memory of your loved one but find it difficult to look their photo every day?

Are you someone who is conscious of their environmental impact and want to be more eco-friendly?

Are you someone who no longer wants to stuff their memories in a box under their bed to be looked at once every few years?

The Flow Design- Three 9×9 inch frames
The Classic Offering – 16×20 inch frame
The Flow Offering Process Shot – Three 9×9 inch panels

Lets work together and reimagine how you preserve the memory of your loved one or your special day. Here is how it works:

  • I naturally dry your flowers (either hang dry, to keep them 3D or press them).
  • Once they’re dry I create a variety of designs for you to choose from
  • You choose a design that speaks to you.
  • I secure the design and frame the artwork.
  • You receive a bespoke memento that can be enjoyed for your lifetime.
Bring your own Bouquet; one 16×20 inch frame


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Preservation Offerings


Jennifer Hiploylee 

Bouquet preservation service recipient

My experience with Gentle Decay was absolutely amazing. Cait picked up my flowers during my wedding reception as organized; she was prompt and professional! The drying and treatment process took a few months, but Cait diligently worked on the project and provided frequent updates.  She was very patient in working with me to ensure the final design would meet my expectations.  The final result was stunning! I highly recommend Gentle Decay to all future brides to preserve a piece of their wedding day forever!

Mary Keenan-Burke

bouquet preservation service recipient

We wanted to preserve our wedding flowers and some amazing memories in one frame and the results were truly breath taking. Our experience was wonderful and I would recommend to everyone! I want to say so much more. You were so amazing to work with and you do such beautiful work!