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We are proud to offer dried floral preservation & design services for all of your BIG moments in life. Check out the list below to see how we can help…

Death can also be beautiful

You want to remember your loved one & celebrate their life. 

Opposed to the traditional signature book, Gentle Decay enables you to have an everlasting memory of the day you commemorated your loved one by way of framed floral artwork! We will preserve the flowers from the funeral and created framed floral art work that can be hung in your home so the day and memory of your loved one can live on forever. Ask us about our proven preservation techniques to guarantee that the memory of your loved one lives on.

PLan something to enjoy after your wedding

Similarly to other major events and holidays there is usually a lot of upfront planning only for it all to be over in a blink of an eye.

Gentle Decay wants to preserve the memory of your wedding that is gone in an instant by preserving your wedding bouquets transforming it into a works-of-art that you can cherish for years to come.

bring the outdoors into your home

Do you accidentally kill all of your plants or avoid buying flowers because of their short shelf live? 

Not to worry, we’ve got you covered with our dried-floral home decor – from framed art, to arrangements, to hanging terrariums and stock to build your own creation. You don’t have to water these babies or worry about them dying in a week because we’ve already professionally executed them- via our patented floral homicide techniques. Check out our Shop for items that are currently in stock.


Gentle Decay offers one of a kind workshops downtown Toronto where you learn about floral preservation, which flowers keep their colour when dried and how to make your own framed floral artwork.

Check out our events page for current workshops available.

We love to partner with local brands to elevate our workshops and to provide a unique offering, if this sounds like you reach out to us via our contact form.