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  1. How soon do you need the flowers?
    1. As soon as possible at a maximum of 3 days (this can be extended permitted your fresh flower care). Gentle Decay offers pickup to ensure optimal drying results. Pickup is available in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton areas within 2-3 days of your event. Your location determines the pickup fee, please send a message with your location to learn much pickup would be for you. 
  2. What should I do to my flowers before I give them to Gentle Decay?
    1. Keep them hydrated; given the opportunity to put them in water, DO IT!
  3. How long will the product last and the colour stay for?
    1. Pressed flowers can be viewed in Natural History Museums all over the world dating from the 1800s; your Gentle Decay product can last a lifetime if cared for correctly. Gentle Decay’s preservation method is all natural; additives such as silica gel or other chemical based methods to preserve your flowers are not used in our practice. Based on this the flower’s colour will fade as the years pass. Gentle Decay believes this is what makes the product unique and symbolizes that memories fade but live on forever in our hearts.
  4. When should I preserve my flowers?
    1. You should consider floral preservation if your flowers have been a part of a day that you wish to remember and hold dear to your heart. Preserved florals can signify an individual, a point in time or be appreciated as an art form. Common events your flowers can be preserved from are funerals, weddings, birthdays and Sunday afternoons. 
  5. Do the flowers have to be mine? Can I give this as a gift?
    1. Permitting you have permission to take flowers from the special event or property, the process [hyperlink] would be the same. If you want the gift to be a surprise you could be the one deciding on the final design or the ‘giftee’ can weigh in on the design selection.
  6. How should I take care of my Gentle Decay product?
    1. In order to prolong the colour lifespan, it is suggested that you keep your product out of direct sunlight and areas of the house that emit moisture (ex. Bathroom with shower). 
  7. Will all of my flowers dry perfectly?
    1. Some flowers dry better than others; unfortunately not all flowers were meant to have an extended life. Over the past 5 years we have learned what flowers press well vs. what flowers would be better suited to hang dry. Based on our experience we can ensure that you’re aware of what the mix of pressed vs 3D flowers will be based on your fresh flowers.
  8. What if my flowers have been dried for a long time?
    1. No problem! We take flowers that have been dried for a long periods of time;  albeit you are limited to a shadow box frame design since we are unable to press dried flowers.