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Welcome to year six of my ever evolving year end music list!

This year’s theme is Nostalgia. I found myself listening to and favouring a lot of music that emulated feelings of being in high school and early university. WILLOW or Olivia Rodrigo for my angsty teen girl phase and Becky Hill for my pop girl club phase.

This year I’ve made two playlists of my favourite bops; the first is music released in 2021 and the second is music released in years past that I discovered this year. In addition to these playlists I list my top albums and honourable mentions!

I hope you enjoy šŸ™‚


For next year i’m going to determine a more concise playlist route, I gave up on populating these past tracks from June ahah šŸ™ Reminding myself that ‘done’ is better than ‘perfect’ šŸ™‚ these playlists are ~3 hours in length so lots of discovery opportunity.


These are not in order of priority because it is hard enough to choose 10 albums that left an impact this year. I am not necessarily choosing these albums because they are of the highest production or song-writing quality but because of the impact they left at the point or time that they hit me.


These albums were on heavy rotation! Almost as much as the top albums, maybe next year there will be one giant list instead of two.

THAT’S ALL FOLKS. Special shout out to all the pals near and far that I connected with on music this year. I am grateful for the evolution of my library as it encapsulates pieces of you!

This year I will leave you with a challenge; set aside a time to more deeply connect with what you are listening to. Often we get caught up ‘adding’ music to other activities we are participating in, instead of letting a record stand on its own legs. There is no denying how music makes everything better but it is important to carve out time to really feel and experience what you’re listening to.

CHALLENGE: Pick an album you’ve been wanting to listen to, choose a comfy place to sit or lay down (my preference), light a candle or lower your lighting, press play and close your eyes. Let the notes wash over you and experience the story it wants to tell you.

Music can tell you a story without using words to guide it

Until next year! With love Cait <3

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